On Writing

There’s something about narratives, a certain inexplicable power that grabs hold of you at your core. It ignites dormant passions and evokes such strong emotions that if you took a step back, you’d realize just how vulnerable and exposed you were because of an extended string of words. That’s the power of this medium. A world created from mere characters on a page is as moving to the author composing the piece as it is to the reader.  It’s for this reason that I’ve always been drawn to narratives, particularly writing stories. It has the power to elicit emotions and feelings in me that I repress or am unable to tap into because I am so swept away by the responsibilities of daily life.

Storytelling makes me feel more in touch with my humanity than I’ve ever experienced. Few moments in life have brought me comparable joy—pure bliss that comes from the sound of my pen scratching feverishly on paper as I spill my inner thoughts and construct a universe with as much emotional relevance as this one.

Writing is simultaneously terrifying and exciting. It is an intoxicating process with unimaginably high stakes. Each pen stroke solidifies an idea, statement, or thought. It creates a world from nothing, something so fundamentally ominous, unfamiliar, and powerful it has the capacity to elevate you to a new height of joy, euphoria, and self purpose. It also has the ability to expose your darkest, most wicked thoughts.

Writing keeps me grounded in my humanity. It empowers me to pursue my goals and to realize my purpose. By keeping me grounded, human, and contemplative about the world around me, writing has given me keen insight into how to approach certain issues—particularly problems that are beyond an individual scope. To me, it’s life in its purest form.